About my blog

Hello there fellow people of the internet! This is my first blog, and since I’m an indecisive person, it doesn’t have a narrow theme. Instead, since I like crafting, travel, my dog, fashion, cooking, and even photography, I will write about all those things and maybe even a few surprise topics along the way, so it’s basically a lifestyle blog. I am going to start the blog on WordPress until I am sure that I love blogging and my interest will not just fade away, then I will get my own domain and hopefully my readers will follow me there. (Oh and will post at least once a week but hopefully twice a week)

About me

I am a thirteen year old beginning blogger with dreams of traveling the world. I love to write, read, and craft. I hope to someday have a blog that lots of people read and maybe even inspire others to start blogging. I decided that I would like to start a small business making cute, custom blog headers for other bloggers. I’ve decided that for now, I will actually be randomly selecting a few people a month to create a header for FOR FREE! I want to see how people will like the headers, and I also think that it will attract more attention to my blog so people know that I make headers. I want to start an email list, so if you would like to win a custom blog header, sign up on my email list! (I will try to get it up as soon as possible)


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