Redecorate Your Room for Free!

I really wanted to redo my room and have it feel more bohemian and vintage, I still do. But for now, I have to use what I already have to spice it up a little. I think decorating your room is a way to express your style and show your personality, but sometimes it gets a little expensive. That’s why I’m going to show you what I’ve done to give you some ideas for your own room.

In this corner of my room, I have a diy necklace hanger, some nail polish, and a stand with all my lotions and jewelry. The necklace hanger I made with some cardboard, purple fabric, ribbon, and push pins. I just picked out some nail polish that looked pretty for this season and put them in the top of a small box. And finally the stand, which is my favorite piece of furniture in my whole room, I grabbed from the Goodwill drop-off for free. I need to keep all my jewelry out on display or else I forget about them and don’t wear any, so that’s why I put them up there.


This is one corner of my dresser. The shells in the short, squarish box are from a park in India, and the other small container has two necklaces that I never wear. The tall plastic cup in the back just has some paper cranes my friend gave me and a plush keychain that I also got from a friend.


And finally, this is the other side of my dresser. The mason jar full of jellybeans from Harry Potter World in Universal Studios Florida, and the jar itself used to have homemade apple sauce in it. The cup is also from Universal and is filled with the same paper cranes as the other cup. On top of the mason jar is a picture of me and one of my best friends inside a frame I made in school. In the back is a book I got at a temple in Texas.

Well that’s all folks! If I get a new addition to my room I might update this post, and I may also do a tutorial on the necklace holder, even though it’s super simple.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed! It would mean a lot to me if you liked my page on Facebook or liked this post down below. Until next time, bye!


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