Boomerang Failure

I was cleaning my room today and found this boomerang from Australia that someone had given to me a few years ago. I really wanted to try it out, so I went to the park with Toby. So first I threw the ball for him a few times to make sure that when I threw the boomerang, he wouldn’t get too excited and go after it.

I put the ball away to go try out the boomerang, and this happened..

So I threw it until he was pretty exhausted, and when I went to throw the boomerang he, of course, followed me. But as I threw it I firmly told him no and he listened! After a few throws he actually went back and lied down in the shade to just chew his ball and watch me. I  pretty shocked, but really proud of him!

Oh yeah, I totally sucked at throwing the boomerang… I literally felt like I was throwing a stick. I watched some videos before I left on how to throw one and thought I had the hang of it, but I guess they made it look easier than it was. One time I made it spin like a boomerang should but it just spun and fell, it wasn’t even close to coming back. I saw this one kid on YouTube who was like five years old throw it almost perfectly, and here I was having to throw it backwards to just make it spin! 😂 I’m going to go practice my boomerang skills and question life now.

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