Personalize Your Spiral Bound Planner

So a few days ago I got a new planner, but it was missing a few things that I felt were important, so I decided to add them myself.


I found out about Filofaxes on youtube and fell in love with them, but couldn’t justify spending 50 plus dollars on a planner. I was watching some (okay maybe a lot) of videos on how to organize them and it sparked the idea of trying to personalize my planner.

First I’ll show you how you can make these dividers to put in your planner if you want more organization or if you want to add more sections.


1. Measure the size of the pages in the planner
Mine were 3 3/8 in x 6 1/8 in.

2. Draw it and cut it out
I used colored 5×8 index cards that I already had, but you can use anything that’s a little sturdy. For the tabs I just traced the already existing tabs inside the planner so they didn’t stick out and get crushed.


3. Measure the holes
Now you will need to measure the holes that the rings go through. If you have a hole punch you can just measure where to place the holes and punch. If you don’t have a hole punch, make a template like the one below.


4. Cut out the holes
If you have a hole puncher then this is the time to use it. If not mark where the holes will go, trace the template you made and cut it out. Then cut from the edge of the paper to the hole so you can slip it into the spiral rings. The easiest way would be to use an Exacto knife but i couldn’t find mine so I just used scissors. Just slip it into the rings and voila you have yourself some dividers!



I used white paper to cover up the week pages and use them to put sticky notes on or write on directly. You could also use this tutorial and leave out the tabs to make extra pages for notes or to do’s or anything you want really.



I also made a smaller version of the dividers but used it to hold sticky notes. The small white paper on the back of the cover just has some to do’s on it.

I haven’t figured out if this is the exact way I want it yet so if it changes in the future I may do an updated post on how it’s changed.

Thanks for reading and follow me on Facebook and like my page to know whenever there is a new post up.


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