Travel Dreams

One day, hopefully before I start working, I would like to backpack around Europe. This would be my first step in travelling the world. I want to experience all the world has to offer and maybe even live in a few different places to really get to know the environment and the people.

I truly believe that travel and experiencing different cultures changes a person and gives them a wider and more open view on everything. This is just my opinion since I am in no way an expert.

I also want to have some adventure in life, and not waste any of the time that I have here on this beautiful Earth. I am not saying that not travelling is wasting life because I also want to have a family and settle down somewhere afterwards, but I think travel is an important experience to have. And as bonus when I’m a Grandma, my grandkids would be excited to listen to all the stories from my youth. Well maybe not… 🙂


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